Main Dining Room

Likened to a five-star restaurant, our main dining room is an experience for all your senses.

  • Main Dining Room

From the moment you sit down at your table, you will smell the delicious foods.

From fragrant marinara sauce to decadent baked goods (made in-house daily!), the delicious smells waft through the large dining area.

Your eyes can rest upon the beautiful accent river rock decor. You’ll hear the friendly chatter of neighbors breaking bread together. And before you taste your own meal you will feel the crisp cloth napkins between your fingers. Most of all, you will enjoy the healthy menu options we provide every day of the year. The cherry on top, as they say, is the attentive staff who ensure your meal is exactly what you expect.

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Our main dining room allows you and your guests to enjoy a formal dining experience.

Residents choose from a myriad of daily selections, including home-style favorites and heart-healthy entrees alike. Whether you enjoy smoked barbecue or roasted chicken, apple pie a la mode or a crisp apple salad, our well-equipped kitchen is proud to offer a multitude of dishes cooked to your liking.

With our ever-changing menu, you will not tire of eating the same foods day after day. Instead, you will enjoy lively conversation and a feast of the senses as our dining staff offers up mouth-watering meals every day.