A Memorial Garden for Carolina Village

Some of the folks here at the Village have expressed an interest in having a place to to honor those no longer with us. A spot where friends and relatives can come for a time of quiet reflection of sweet remembrances.

Well, plans are underway for such a place. It will be in a quiet spot just up the hill from the E building. We plan to have a shaded area with benches and a large plaque on which the names of the loved ones will be engraved.

We have engaged a company that does landscaping here to present a plan and an estimate of cost. We hope that the folks here will respond to this and donate to the cost of landscaping etc.

Our Garden Committee decided that they will match any gifts up to $4,000! More information will be forthcoming as we begin the planning. Contributions can be made to the Village with the notation that it is for the Memorial Garden.